The Best Mice For PC Gaming

Finding the best gaming mouse in all the available options can be a great struggle. There are many different factors to consider before choosing the right oneā€”for example, the button selection and arrangement. Whether you want a wired or wireless mouse, the quality of its sensor might look minor, but still, it can significantly impact your experience with the mouse you choose to purchase.

Best Mice For Gaming

In this review, we have listed some of the best wired and wireless gaming mice to help you choose the right one that will get the job done.

1.Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The Logitech G502 is a little bit costly but worth it. It is the best ergonomically designed wireless mouse for gaming available in the market today. This gaming mouse has all the wireless technology like its power play wireless charging and fast wireless connection (lightspeed)

This mouse has greatly sculpted curves that feel comfortable in your hands. It is also highly customizable as you can shift its center of gravity and make it less heavy by 16 grams.

When fully charged, this tech magic device can last for 40 hours. Meaning you can even forget that it is a chargeable mouse. This mouse also comes with a powerplay charging mat, meaning you can charge your mouse while gaming, isn’t that cool, right?

That said, this mouse is not cheap, but it’s worth investing in if you’re after eased gaming experience.

SensorHero (high efficiency rated optical)
ConnectionLightspeed wireless
Battery life40-60 hours
Optional weight16g


Flawless performance

Glides well

Has est scroll wheel ever

Equipped with RGB lighting


Extra buttons can cause accidental misclicks

Bit of a disappointing update

Design isn’t best for multiple grips

2. Razer Basilisk X Hyper Speed Wireless

This mouse has a sweeping handgrip, sloping surface, and angular front design. It also has two buttons on the left side panel. Its notch scrolling wheel, however, doesn’t have any adjustments.

It doesn’t come with RGB, and the DPI switch only comes with one wire.

Additionally, it uses mechanical switches designed by a razor. Casual gamers will love the performance of this mouse because it is comfortable and responsive.

Sensor typeOptical
Connectivity2.4 GHz via USB Type-A or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


Good wireless connectivity

Ergonomic design

Strong and high-quality in-game performance


Does not support wired connections

Relies entirely on Razer technology (last-gen)

not rechargeable

3. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

PICTEK Gaming Mouse offers excellent performance at an affordable price.  It has ergonomic curves, sharp angles, and is comfortable for large and big hands. This is because it’s not too big or too small.

When it comes to DPI, this mouse had a maximum of 7,200 DPI. However, a DPI with this value is very sensitive, so it has an adjustable DPI with two buttons near the mouse button. It comes with a cool LED backlight setting to match your gaming mood and style. It also features a high definition optical gaming sensor to ensure quick switch for different games

Product dimension123x72x33mm
InterfaceUSB2.0 / USB3.0
Hand orientationRight
Movement detectionOptical


Great performance

Affordable pricing

Aesthetically pleasing


Cable looks and feels a little cheap

4.Logitech G203 Lightsync

There are many different types of affordable gaming mice you can buy; however, there are a few ones that you can have total confidence in, like the Logitech G203 Light.

This mouse is capable of offering stable and accurate performance in a sleek package. It has approximately 8,000 DOI and has responsive switches to help you with your gaming operation.

This gaming mouse is designed to function well in almost every system. However, if you want to tune its settings to match your style, please feel free to download customization software that is user-friendly and easy to set up. This software is a complete customization suite that allows you to customize lighting, sensitivity, and commands on your mouse.

DPI8, 000
Sensor typeOptical
Number of Buttons5


Affordable bargain

Excellent shape for gamers who like smaller mice

Three-zone RGB lighting


Resembles the G203 Prodigy

Small for a palm-style grip

5. Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless

This mouse is very accurate, which is essential when playing games that require accuracy and fast movement. When fully charged, the battery can last for 70 hours. It also comes with a charging dock making it one of the best gaming mice for long gaming sessions.

This mouse has fantastic performance and is capable of handling almost everything you throw at it. It Is beautifully designed with two buttons on each side of the panel, offering more programmable options.

Sensor TypesFocus+ Optical
Number of Buttons8



Customizable buttons and settings

Has a USB receiver storage within the battery compartment

Relatively lightweight


Right and left clicks feel a touch films

Not recommended for a gamer with very large hands.

Factors to consider before buying a gaming mouse

Ergonomic design

The mouse you purchase should perfectly fit in your hands and should also have extra buttons you need. This is important because it will determine your accuracy while playing games.

Type of mouse

When deciding whether to buy an optical or laser mouse, you might get confused. An optical mouse has an LED designed to reflect the area below the surface, while the laser mouser uses a technology that tracks the laser movement to operate. The laser is good because it can work for a wider range of surfaces, while optical only works on opaque and flat surfaces.

Wireless and Bluetooth

When purchasing a wireless mouse, you can choose between RF and Bluetooth. Additionally, you can buy a wireless mouse to make your gaming more flexible.


The mouse you buy will play a significant role when playing your computer games in terms of comfort, convenience, and style of playing.  Although you can choose to use the regular mouse to play games on your computer, the experience will differ from that of a gaming mouse. There are a lot of features in a gaming mouse that makes it different from the regular option.