Best Mice for Macbook & iMac Pro

A quick search on the best mice for Mac on marketplaces will lead you to several options. While variety is great, it presents a challenge on how to choose one. 

Some mice are great, and others might also not do a good job. So, how do you separate the best from the rest? 

In this article, we give you the best buying guide as well as top mice for MacBook that you can consider. 

How to Choose the Best Type of Mice for Your Mac

If you use your Mac daily, you need not just any mouse, but one that will make your work easy. 

Here are how to choose one, so you enjoy your work: 

Assess the Connectivity and Compatibility

Different mice connect to Mac in various ways. Some use wires, while others use wireless connectivity. Also, note that although most mice are compatible with macOS, you need to confirm that just before you choose a particular type. 

Check their Sensor Technology

Just like a camera, mice track movement and detect the reflection of light. So, mice with higher-level sensors are better than those with low. If you want a mouse that will be accurate, use one that uses a better sensor technology for great precision. 

Choose a Comfortable Grip Style 

Mice have different grip styles. Some have a top grip, claw grip, and palm grip. With this feature, there is no rule of thumb. You should go for what you like. Maybe the only consideration is comfort, depending on whether you are left or right-handed. 

Our Top Five Mice for Macbook

Apple Magic Mouse 2 

If you want a rechargeable wireless mouse, this might be an excellent option for you to consider. It has a sleek design and often has a stable connection. 

With this mouse, you do not need to install any software on your Mac. It automatically pairs since it is a product of apple. Also, its multi-touch surface allows you to use simple gestures to do your normal operation. 

The one great feature that I like about this mouse is the fact that one can adjust touch settings. One can thus adjust it to suit their needs. Also, I love the fact that it does not need to be recharged often, unlike some other mice. 

If its features meet your needs, you can purchase this mouse on Amazon

Razer Naga Trinity Mouse 

With up to nine different programmable buttons, this is another mouse you can consider buying for your Mac. It is a good option for someone who does video editing work. You can easily use its controls to quickly apply filters, effects, cuts, and edits. 

It works well on Mac though you need to install Razer’s synapse app for macOS. In addition to allowing you to connect the mouse, the app also lets you link different apps you often use for your daily work. 

I love its customizable keys, especially for editing apps. However, I should also warn you that this option might be a little bit expensive because it is a wired mouse. 

Give it a try. It might be what you need for your Mac. 

You can purchase this mouse on Amazon

Logitech M720 Triathalon Mouse 

This mouse might be a good fit for someone who likes gaming. It allows dual connectivity for up to three Mac computers or Windows. You can thus use it to navigate seamlessly between different computers. 

Another great feature worth noting about this mouse is its hyper-fast scrolling. With it, you can quickly scroll through long files, docs, and images. Its click to click mode also enhances precise navigation when handling many tasks at once. 

I must also mention that I love its long-lasting battery. It uses an AA battery that works for up to two years without any challenge. It comes as both wired and wireless, so you pick what you love. 

It is available on Amazon. You can check further details and purchase if you like it. 

Logitech MX Master 3 

One of the fastest mice with a multi-OS and multi-device connect feature. It is more precise than other mice and can work on any surface, including glass. 

With this mouse, you determine how you do your work. You can speed up the flow of your work with app-specific profiles. The app allows you to customize your options, so you work the way you love and manage multiple tasks easily. 

I love the sculpted shape since it offers a perfect grip for easy control. It is a wireless option that’s rechargeable. One charge can go for up to seventy days. 

For price and to purchase if you like it, check this mouse on Amazon

SteelSeries Rival 650 Mouse 

Another good mouse you should consider acquiring if you are a gamer. It might be what you need to improve your graphic design and editing skills. 

One of its great features is its ergonomic design, together with soft-touch material. It is a bit heavy, but it is comfortable and provides a perfect grip. 

For more precision, it has two sensors that allow 1 to 1 tracking precision. You can also customize it using SteelSeries software, so you enjoy more features. 

If you want a great quality mouse for gaming that you can adjust to suit your needs, give it a try. You can buy it on Amazon.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Use Any Mouse for My Mac?

No, you need to get those that can connect to Mac and work well. Most wired mice, however, tend to work with Mac.

Can I Use One Mouse for Two Mac Computers at the Same Time?

Yes, it is possible with some mice. For those that do, you move the mouse off the side of one Mac, and it automatically pops up on the other. 

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