NJMCDIRECT – PAY NJ Traffic Ticket Online

NJMCDIRECT is the New Jersey state’s online traffic ticket payment portal. NJMC Online website provides all the information related to NJ Parking tickets and vehicle owners. NJMCDIRECT enables you to check for pending traffic violations and pay for all traffic tickets online without going to the NJ Municipal court. NJMCDIRECT Official website can be accessed at www.njmcdirect.com.

NJMCDIRECT or WWW.NJMCDIRECT.COM is available for you to pay for traffic offenses online from any physical location. Nevertheless, it is New Jersey’s municipal court official website. When one makes payment on the NJMC DIRECT platform, the details get updated in the Municipal court records in real-time. 

Therefore, the platform serves payment purposes and acts as an information repository. Consequently, you can bring up queries concerning traffic violations and search for the relevant records with ease. When on your day-to-day activities, you may happen to be issued a traffic ticket. You may be stranded on where to begin the payment. However, worry no more as we have got you the solution.

You should have your license plate number, the traffic or parking ticket, credit card, and active internet connection to make the payment. You then proceed to the website, where you will be required to enter the license plate number, ticket number, prefix, and court ID. 

The payment method is in the form of a debit card or a debit card, so you can choose what best suits you. The steps to process your payment are;

NJMCDIRECT - NJ Traffic Ticket Payment Online
NJ Traffic Website

Steps to Pay NJ Traffic Ticket Online

  • Step 1: Open any secure web browser on your phone or laptop. Make sure you have your Ticket number.
  • Step 2: Open NJMCDirect official website at HTTPS://WWW.NJMCDIRECT.COM. You will find two options; Time Payment order or Traffic Ticket Search.
  • Step 3: Click on the traffic ticket option to pay your NJ parking ticket bill online.
  • Step 4: Enter your details in the respective fields. These include Ticket Prefix, License Plate Number, Ticket Prefix, and the Court ID.
  • Step 5: Select or click on the ‘continue’ button.
  • Step 6: There will appear two options; Process NJMCDirect Ticket Payment or View NJMCDirect Ticket.
  • Step 7: Click on the Process NJMCDirect Ticket Payment.
NJ Traffic Ticket details
NJ Traffic Ticket Online Payment Interface

When you cannot remember your ticket number, you can still acquire it and complete your payment. There is the Municipal Court Case Search in New Jersey, where you can search for the information you need. You need to have the driver’s license number, name, complaint number, or ticket number. Using these details, you can find your NJ traffic ticket.

With any of the mentioned requirements, you will be referred to a webpage to write the Captcha. With that, you will acquire it and make the payment. Additionally, when making the payment, make sure you consider the available payment hours. The platform only accepts payments being done at certain set hours of the day.

NJ Traffic Ticket Lookup By License Plate

NJ commuters can find their lost traffic ticket number online using their Driving License number or Vehicle registration number. Here are the steps to lookup for your NJ traffic ticket:

  • Step 1: Visit the official NJMCDirect Portal on www.njmcdirect.com.
  • Step 2: Select the njmcdirect ticket.
  • Step 3: Check on the option titled NJMCDirect Home. It is at the right corner of the screen, near the traffic ticket option.
  • Step 4: On the page, there is Time Payment Order and the Traffic Ticket.
  • Step 5: Click on the Traffic Ticket Option.
  • Step 6: Fill in your details in the various fields such as license plate number, ticket payment, Court name, and prefix.

Having followed the steps, you will quickly acquire your ticket within a short period. When you do not know about your traffic ticket, you can directly contact the municipal court or check it from the Municipal Court Case Website.

Find NJ Traffic Ticket
Image Credits: NJCourts.Gov. Image is for Representation Purposes.


The NJMCDIRECT ( HTTPS://WWW.NJMCDIRECT.COM) platform does not operate for 24 hours but works only on certain specified hours of the day. Therefore, you will be unable to make the NJ ticket payments online at specific periods of the day.

NJMCDIRECT ( WWW.NJMCDIRECT.COM ) official website operates from 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, it is open from 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM. On Saturday, it is accessible from 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM. Lastly, the website is available from 1 PM to 11:45 PM on Sunday.

NJ Ticket Online Payment Hours
NJ Traffic Online Payment Hours

If you are not considerate of the timings, you may end up being disappointed. Payments made on time that is not scheduled are never processed. Once you get familiarized with the platform’s timing, your disbursement of the New Jersey Traffic Ticket will be easy, and you will get the correct information. 

New Jersey Traffic Ticket Prices

A traffic ticket in New Jersey can affect more than your wallet. According to many drivers, the NJ traffic tickets come with points to their license and a fine. However, there can be additional costs. These include insurance penalties, license suspension, increased insurance premiums, and even state surcharges. In New Jersey, the acceptable fine amount for a speeding ticket will depend on how much you have exceeded the given speed limit. Some of the prices for the tickets for exceeding speed include;

1 to 9 miles per hour$85
10 to 14 miles per hour$95
15 to 16 miles per hour$105
20 to 24 miles per hour$200
25 to 29 miles per hour$220
30 to 34 miles per hour$240
35 to 39 miles per hour$269
New Jersey Traffic violation charges

The other ticket prices that a driver will incur for violating the set rules are; 

  • $1000 due to refusing test to measure blood alcohol concentration.
  • $1500 for first and second driving while intoxicated.
  • $100 due to failure of having moped insurance.
  • $ 250 for driving using a suspended license.
  • $100 for being an unlicensed driver.
  • $ 250 due to operating an uninsured vehicle.

Additionally, there are insurance premiums. When you receive a driving violation that affects your points, a notice will be sent to your insurance carrier on your infraction. Therefore, the insurance companies may charge you relatively higher premiums. According to studies, the drivers with higher points and many traffic violations are highly vulnerable to accidents.

There are also state surcharges. If you earn either six or more points on your driving record within three years, it may cost you. The state will eventually charge you a $150 surcharge and $25 more for every additional point past 6. The surcharge, based on points, should be paid consecutively for three years. It is how long the points take to come off your driving record.

NJMCDirect Plead Not Guilty

When you receive a traffic ticket in New Jersey, you only have two choices; to either plead guilty or to plead not guilty. You should settle the fine’s total amount when you claim guilty, which is concerned with the ticket. However, you may decide to plead not guilty if you did not violate any NJDMV rules. When beseeching not guilty, the several steps you need to follow are;

Traffic Violation Ticket

Read the NJ traffic violation ticket issued to you by the officer. Firstly, understand why you got the ticket. Every court has its own set of rules when setting the court dates. Therefore, check on it so that you do not miss important deadlines.


Consider the date indicated on the ticket and adhere to it. At times, it is the actual date you are supposed to show yourself in court. In other instances, it is the date where you must enter a plea of not guilty.

Payment Date

When just given a date to pay the ticket, you should appear to the court before the set day. Importantly, do not let the specified date pass without taking any action. It may bring about more penalties against you.

Claim Not Guilty

When you claim not guilty, the court clerk will issue you a notice of court date. You can call the New Jersey court clerk, who will help you out in case of any question. They are always ready to answer any inquiries concerning the court. With or without a lawyer, prepare yourself to attend on the court date.

Talking to the Prosecutor

Talk to the prosecutor before appearing in court. You may get a deal that will be granted fewer points than the original offense points. However, even though the points may decrease, you may still be required to pay a fine.

Go to the NJ Municipal Court

Appear before the judge. The judge approves the plea deals resolved between the prosecutor and the defendant and sets fines. Therefore, the defendant should appear before the judge even after reaching a plea deal with the prosecutor.

Support your Case

The judge will grant the defendant an opportunity to be heard upon sentencing. The judge will also need the defendant to provide a factual basis on the amended charge’s record. When you are confident that you are right, you can plead not guilty. Please hire a lawyer.

Once the court approves your plea deal, be ready with your cash, credit card, or checkbook. It is because most courts advocate for payment of fees and fines immediately on your court appearance. You may request a court’s payment plan under factual circumstances when you cannot pay the total amount on the court date.


  1. How to Contact New Jersey Municipal Courts?

    When you are issued the New Jersey traffic ticket, you may need to contact the Municipal Courts. Through the Municipal Courts, most people in the state can come into contact with the judicial system. They come in as either victims, complainants or as a defendant. You can contact the municipal by phone at 609-815-2900 or send an email to Webmaster.Mailbox@njcourts.gov.

  2. How Can My NJ Traffic Ticket Be Dismissed?

    One must plead not guilty and challenge the ticket in Municipal Court To get an NJ traffic ticket dismissed. The NJ Municipal judge can dismiss your traffic ticket. It is usually under the recommendation of the prosecutor. Therefore, hiring an attorney to have your ticket dismissed is advisable. You can find out more information about pleading not guilty in NJ.

What to do after receiving a traffic ticket in New Jersey?

It would be best if you call an attorney immediately. It is only a lawyer who can review in detail your legal options. You should not ignore your NJ traffic ticket at any given time. The court can warrant your arrest when you fail to answer or appear on a complaint. Therefore, make sure you acquire the correct information on how to act. With the attorney’s right advice, you may plead guilty or plead not guilty over the offense.

Can I Get a Special License after My New Jersey Driving Privilege is Suspended?

No. there is no issuing of conditional licenses in New Jersey at any given time. You should restore your license with the NJ MVC. Otherwise, you may not be able to drive for any given reason. If you are caught driving while being suspended, it brings an additional suspension period, expensive fines, and nine insurance eligibility points.

What do I after Losing My Case in the Municipal Court?

You need to file an appeal. You should file an NJ municipal court appeal with the New Jersey Superior Court. It should be 25 days from your disposition date. The process of appeals is so much complicated. It would be best to have the assistance of an attorney.

Where is New Jersey MVC License Suspension Hearings Held?

It is only in four locations where New Jersey MVC hearings are held. These are West Deptford Township, Eatontown, Wayne, and Trenton. Clients in the four New Jersey MVC locations will be represented in the law offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt and LLC.

Why Have I Received a ‘Scheduled Suspension Notice’ from New Jersey MVC?

  • NJMVC can suspend your New Jersey driving privileges for various reasons. These can be; fatal accidents, visa expirations, accidents during suspended driver status, and unpaid surcharges.
  • Additionally, due to moving violations on probationary driver status, medical issues, and failing to appear in court. Never ignore the notice at any given time as it can cost you a lot. Also, make sure you hire an attorney in your New Jersey MVC license suspension hearing to defend you.


In New Jersey, you should adhere to traffic rules and regulations. Failure to follow the set rules, you may find yourself messed up with numerous charges to pay. In New Jersey, the traffic ticket fines depend on the specifics of violation by the individual, just like in most states. The penalty is, in most cases, a right found in the law.

In New Jersey, you may be issued a traffic ticket for various reasons, as discussed in the article. You will have two preferences, whether to beg guilty or plead not guilty. When you claim guilty, you should pay the set fine and any other charges associated with it.

You need to appear before a judge after hiring an attorney when you maintain not guilty. The attorney will be hearing your sentence in court and acting as your defender. 

 When paying for the traffic ticket, ensure that you follow the proper steps to process your payment. Be considerate of the time as well. Remember that they do not operate for 24 hours but work on specific hours of the day asset.

You should not ignore the NJ traffic ticket at any given time. Ensure that you get help from the right personnel who is an attorney. If you decide to plead not guilty, do not attempt to go to court independently. Make sure you hire an attorney who will listen to your violations and defend you.